Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ruxbin Rocks

Recently, I revisited Ruxbin for a gastronomic respite.  Back in February I dined at Chef Edward Kim's first Chicago restaurant and fell in love with the food, decor, and ambience.  I was a teensy bit disappointed that Chef Ed wasn't there but at his other restaurant Mott Street.  This time, Chef Ed was at the kitchen helm, which made this meal even more fulfilling.
My buddy Hanna and I started off with the beets and labne, which were complemented by orange, pecans, and white anchovy.  Hanna ordered the copper river salmon with fried green tomato, lambs quarter pesto, walnut, red tropea onion, asparagus, black imperial rice, and creme fraiche.  The salmon was wild caught, and you could taste and see the difference: the color was a bright orange.  I ordered the farmers market raviolo, comprised of hand cut pasta, market vegetables, ricotta, and soft-fried egg.  It was the most beautiful dish I had ever seen and eaten.  I was going to town with all the food to the point that Hanna teased me, "Maybe you shouldn't come here on a date."  I wasn't eating the beautiful dish in the most beautiful manner.
We finished our wonderful meal with black forest cake, which was deconstructed chocolate semi-freddo, cake, marshmallow fluff, cherries, and hazelnuts.  Our time at Ruxbin was one of the top culinary experiences we have ever had in Chicago.