Saturday, July 12, 2014

Get Me Some Meat at GOGI

The other night, Flo and I ventured waaay up north to the West Ridge/West Rogers Park area to dine at gogi. There's been much buzz and acclaim from the likes of Chicago Magazine since this traditional Korean bbq place opened up last year.  We were eager to experience it for ourselves.

To start off, we imbibed on some makgeolli (rice wine) made by Slow City Brewery, located nearby in Niles.  (It is the first brewery of its kind in the US.)  An array of colorful and fresh banchan was laid out before us -- which made me oh so happy.  Then the big dishes we ordered (and could not finish) came out one by one. Flo lit up when she saw bibimnaengmyun (spicy noodles) on the menu and had to get it. I had to get the gamjatang (potato stew with pork and perilla), because I had never ordered it from a restaurant before and was wondering why Matt Rodbard (co-author of future book Koreatown, USA) was always on the hunt for some good gamjatang.  
And since we were at gogi, which means meat in Korean, we had to get some meat.  We actually ordered spicy chicken meat even though the noodles and soup we ordered were also pretty spicy.  Instead of cooking it ourselves at the table, which is the novelty of Korean bbq, we had the cooks in the kitchen do it for us. Everything tasted great and we were quite stuffed and satisfied by meal's end.
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