Saturday, July 26, 2014

Buffet Without Crowds

On the sixth floor at the 900 N. Michigan Shops (which houses Bloomingdale's) there is a pan-Asian restaurant called Baisi Thai.  The spacious restaurant is tucked away from the crowd-infested sidewalks of Michigan Avenue, has a great view of the lake, and has a menu full of options.  It is always quiet when I go there for the lunch buffet and there is never a line.  If you opt for the buffet (which includes dishes such as lo mein, fried rice, sauteed vegetables, crab rangoon, oyster beef, pork and bamboo shoots, simple sushi roll pieces, teriyaki chicken, vegetable tempura, shrimp tempura, kimchi, salads, and fruit) you have the option of starting off with miso, sweet & sour, or egg drop soup, and finishing off with vanilla or chocolate ice cream.  I took my mother there a couple times and she really likes that many of the dishes seem to have Korean influences.  If you need a fast, no-fuss, quiet and pleasant lunch, Baisi Thai is definitely an option.