Saturday, June 7, 2014

Top Chef Beverly Kim's Parachute

After many months of anticipation, I finally dined at Parachute, a Korean-American restaurant that Chefs Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark opened just last month.  As you probably know, Chef Beverly Kim was a contestant on Top Chef Season 9, and won her way back onto the show after elimination through the season's twist Last Chance Kitchen.  Kim has been a chef at several renowned restaurants and studied under some great culinary veterans; she is a Kendall College graduate and even taught a class last year in the culinary arts program.  It is about time that we have a strong and influential Korean-American woman front a huge culinary venture in Chicago!  I passed by the kitchen on the way to the restroom and was so excited to see Chef Beverly herself!  We chatted a bit and took a photo.  She really is sweet, but don't mess with her in the kitchen!
My buddy Flo and I enjoyed the much buzzed about baked potato bing bread which contains smoky bacon and scallion.  We also snacked on tempura-battered perilla leaves, which were cutely set on Korean newspaper.  I really liked the pork belly and mung bean pancake, which had kimchi, black garlic, pineapple, and hen egg.  Growing up, I wasn't a huge fan of bindaeduk, but the way Chef Beverly made it, I loved it!  It was very meaty with a creamy kimchi kick. The hand torn noodle with spicy lamb sofrito, cumin, and sichuan peppercorn was also amazing.  If you like meat lasagna, bolognese, or pad see ew, you'll love this dish. Lastly, we enjoyed the flavorful monkfish roasted in gochujang, with caramelized sunchoke and mung bean sprouts.  I can't wait to go back and try the other dishes and dessert!
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