Sunday, June 29, 2014

For Late Night Korean Eats and Drink

The other night, my gal pals Sylvia, Chenny, and I loaded up on some Korean-American grub from Yeowoosai, which is all the way up north in West Ridge.  We walked in as the latest Psy music video was playing -- Hangover with Snoop Dogg.  We enjoyed some locally-brewed makgeolli (rice wine), and chowed down on bulgogi, sweet and sour chicken, and their specialty kimchi bokkeumbop.  This was a LOT of food for three gals.  The kimchi bokkeumbop was massive and came in a huge pan that reminded me of those ginormous paella pans.  The bulgogi and sweet & sour chicken were mediocre -- we should have ordered their other specialty popcorn chicken.
Apparently Yeowoosai is the place for late-night eating and drinking.  Big TV screens throughout the bar/restaurant showed ballgames and a mix of top 40 and KPOP music videos.  Yeowoosai is owned by Stella Cho, and two doors down is the fairly new Korean BBQ joint run by her son Pete.  The strip mall that houses the two restaurants also has a Vietnamese eatery and a Karaoke Noraebang.
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