Saturday, May 3, 2014

Korean Fried Chicken Wings

I finally made the trip up to Edgewater to check out dak with my friends.  It's conveniently located right by the red line Granville stop and street parking is not an issue.  We ordered regular and spicy chicken wings, bulgogi (marinated beef slivers), and dukbokki (spicy rice cakes). My pregnant friend Donna was so happy with the wings and kept raving about them.  It was her first time eating Korean-style fried chicken wings and she said they were so much better and tastier than Popeyes and Buffalo Wild Wings.  Of course they are better!  Dak prides themselves for using "fresh never frozen chicken wings."  Their chicken is also antibiotic and hormone free. 
The dukbokki was different than what I've eaten before, such as what I've experienced at Rice'NBread.  It was chewy on the inside as this type of rice cakes normally are, but the outside was slightly crispy, as if they were fried or seared.  It was a nice variation. Since the dukbokki was topped with meat, we probably didn't need the separate order of bulgogi.
Many people compare dak with Crisp, located in Lakeview East.  The sauce is different and the non-chicken menu options vary between the two.
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