Sunday, March 23, 2014

gosu in Logan Square

Today my buddy Elliot and I ventured out to the West side near Logan Square to check out gosu, a Korean and Japanese Restaurant. The restaurant interior is whimsical and absolutely adorable. I cannot think of another restaurant in Chicago where stuffed animals are seated in dining nook corners. 
Elliot ordered the Volcano Makimono, which contained crunchy spicy tuna, jalapeno, panko and kanikame.  I hadn't had sushi with tempera-battered seaweed before -- it added a nice, extra crunch.  I ordered the kal-bi-jjim, which is a traditional marinated beef, often stewed with carrots and potatoes.  The meat was tender and the sauce reminded me of the gravy in salisbury steak. 
Although I knew it would be very filling since it is often enjoyed as a meal in itself, I ordered a misugaru latte, made of ground up black sesame seeds, black bean, barley, black and brown rice.  I wish we had cafes in the Loop that offered this and other "well-being" drinks.  Caffe Bene (Korea's main coffeehouse that offers this drink) should come and open up a Chicago location, like they already have in NYC and LA.

After our meal we had a traditional Korean non-alcoholic digestif -- sujeonggwa, a cinnamon ginger punch.Gosu restaurant on Urbanspoon