Friday, February 28, 2014

My Favorite Chicago Restaurant: RUXBIN

I have finally dined at Ruxbin, a Chicago restaurant that was recognized by GQ and Bon Appetit magazines as one of the top new restaurants in the US, when it opened up a few years ago.  It is the buzzworthy brainchild, or should I say foodchild, of Chef Edward Kim, Jenny Kim, and Vicki Kim -- all laudable Korean-American Chicagoans.  Last year, the trio, along with Nate Chung, opened up the Michelin-recommended Mott Street, which has also received rave reviews.
Stepping inside I felt transported to the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  I loved everything about Ruxbin -- the refurbished and repurposed decor, the bathroom (you must check it out), and the people (Jenny has a spot-on reputation of being a gracious host).  Oh yeah, and the food!  I actually loved the food before I ate it, if that's even possible.  My friend and I ordered the persimmon and apple salad, pork loin, day boat scallops, black forest cake and taffy apple desserts.  Everything was delectable and commanded thoughtful savoring. I can gush about this restaurant on and on, but I don't want to spoil too much for Ruxbin virgins.  You must experience it for yourself.
Ruxbin Kitchen on Urbanspoon