Thursday, January 9, 2014

Little Market Revisited

One of my best girlfriends Hannah and I went to Little Market to celebrate her birthday.  (Little Market itself will be celebrating its first birthday on January 17.)  Hannah ordered the pasta puttanesca and I had the grilled butternut squash with quinoa, almonds, and kale chips.  It was a modest amount of food, which was perfect for me, since I was planning on indulging in the dessert.  Hannah enjoyed her banana split and I savored my pistachio chocolate sundae, which I had devoured during my previous visit.  I would return again and again for the pistachio sundae; however, I would ask for it without the chocolate magic shell, which takes away from the pistachio.  Hannah and I will probably return for their happy hour special: if you sit at the bar you can get a complimentary small portion of poutine, fries, deviled eggs, mac n cheese, or ceviche with your cocktail, wine, or beer order.
I love the rustic, Americana decor inside Little Market; I had never appreciated the artistry of a ceiling before. It was comprised of uneven wooden planks (or floorboards?) and hanging crystal vase light fixtures.
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