Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thai Food in Chinatown

One of my best gal pals Donna and I had a feast at Sala Bua, a Thai restaurant in Chinatown.  We ordered several dishes, which were mostly different from what you'd typically order at your neighborhood Thai carry-out dive, e.g. pad thai and pad see eiw.  The only generic Thai item we ordered was the green curry.  We started off with a couple appetizers including tod-mun-pla, authentic fish cakes served with cucumber salad, and veggie rolls, which are slightly different from spring rolls.  I've never ordered soup from a Thai restaurant and thought I'd give one a try.  The kao tom pla, a clear broth with rice, fish fillets, green onion, cilantro, celery, and radish was refreshing with a kick of ginger.  It was nice to have something to counter the coconut milk creaminess of the green curry.  The Chinese broccoli was a good side and the roti drizzled with condensed milk was an interesting crepe-like dessert offering.
Sala Bua on Urbanspoon