Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One Way to Eataly

Yesterday at 4PM the doors opened to Mario Batali's Eataly, a mecca of Italian eateries, brands, and products.  I went today during lunch time, and it was a complete madhouse.  At first I was so overwhelmed, not knowing where to look first, but after roaming around the first and second floors for about ten minutes, I realized that the place wasn't as intimidating as it was made out to be in the media.  It was actually smaller than I expected.  I was expecting the grandiosity of Mitsuwa or HMart in the burbs, but prime River North real estate doesn't come cheap.
There are two different cafes (Lavazza and Vergnano), a plethora of restaurants, a cooking school, butcher, bakery, gelateria, brewery, wine bar, market, pizza, pasta, cheese, and even a Nutella bar.  There's a houseware and sweets section that had pistachio, hazelnut, coffee, and cocoa spreads.  I'll have to return for them when the zealous first-timer crowds die down.
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