Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bread from Stephanie Izard's Little Goat

My recent visit to Little Goat Diner made me want to come back to try the bread.  Since I was in charge of providing snacks for a Bible discussion group, I went to the bakery to buy some loaves, including the bacon and gouda country bread, the carrot cumin and walnut bread, and a baguette.  We all really liked the smoky and cheesy bacon bread, which was gone in a flash.  The Parisian baguette was great alone or with their most popular schmear, the skuna salmon cream cheese.  The cumin bread was certainly cumin-y and not as popular as the other two.  Next time I will have to try the thai chile, broccoli and cheese, and fat bread (smoked duck fat, pickled mustard seed, & beer).
For myself, I bought a plain bagel with kimchi cream cheese and Steph's Wedding Cake, a Cheez-Its cake covered with peanut butter and chocolate-covered Cheez-Its.  The bagel was like no other plain bagel I've ever had--it was amazing!  It wasn't pasty or dense, and it tasted very much like sourdough.  It didn't need a schmear to go with it, but the kimchi cream cheese was a nice complement.  (I didn't think the spread tasted much like kimchi, so your less-adventurous kimchi-phobic friends may tolerate it.)  The cake bar was just okay--I liked the chocolate topping more than the cornbread-like cake part.  The only "problem" I had with all the bread was that they are all really tough to chew.  People who have mastication problems may want to try the softer sweet onion brioche.

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