Saturday, October 19, 2013

Little Goat Diner--Would You Like Some Kimchi to Go With That?

Visiting Little Goat Bread at the French Market made me want to visit Little Goat Diner.  I checked out the menu beforehand, and couldn't believe how many Asian-inspired dishes there were--especially ones with kimchi.  My friend Donna and I went there for brunch today and the place was packed, which is to be expected on a weekend.  We waited over thirty minutes and were seated at the diner counter.  Sitting side by side worked out well so that we could hear each other over all the other noisy conversations and share our dishes with each other.
I ordered the veggie chap chae, which is nothing like the Korean chap chae I have eaten all my life.  It was heavily tomato-based sauce over soggy chap chae-style noodles.  The sheeps milk cheese, onions, and mushrooms made the dish taste like pizza spaghetti, which I didn't mind so much.  However, I was anticipating a closer variation to Korean stir-fried noodles with vegetables.
Donna ordered the "Kimchee & Bacon & Eggs & Pancakes Asian Style Breakfast Tasty Thing."  It tasted just like Korean jeon, except it was too burnt for our liking.  We mentioned it to the waitress and she told us that the pancake was supposed to have varying degrees of cookedness.  She insisted that we order something else, so we ordered the Fat Elvis Waffles with banana, peanut butter-butter, and bacon maple syrup.  I oddly tasted some smokiness exuding from the waffle as it entered my mouth, even before the first bite.  The sliced bananas, peanut butter-butter, bacon pieces and maple syrup made the dish very sweet and indulgent.

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