Friday, October 25, 2013

Korean Food in Chinatown

The other night Flo and I got off the finally-renovated Cermak/Chinatown red line stop to dine at Ahjoomah's Apron.  (Ahjoomah means older, married woman.)  The round sign is relatively small and is hidden behind a tree, making the restaurant invisible among all the other restaurants along Cermak and Wentworth.  Perhaps they would benefit from a sign that juts out perpendicular to the building facade and/or lettering to the right and left of the circle emblem.
Ahjoomah's Apron, which opened earlier this year, offers authentic and traditional Korean fare including bibimbop, soups, stews, meat, and noodle dishes with several banchan, or side dishes.  We ordered the jjamppong and jajangmyun, which are actually popular Chinese-Korean noodle dishes.  Since the noodles in the jajangmyun were overly thick and heavy, they were unable to hold enough black bean sauce to meet the desirable sauce to noodle ratio.  Great Seas is still a better choice for both these dishes.  However, I will be going back to Ahjoomah's Apron to try the various soups and stews in these cold winter months.
Ahjoomah's Apron on Urbanspoon