Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cumin--Modern Nepalese and Indian Cuisine

Tonight Gayle and I checked out Cumin in Wicker Park.  We ordered the non-vegetarian Monsoon Wedding Platter For Two, which included: tandoori chicken, malai tikka, chicken tikka, boti kebab, dal makhani, lamb curry, naan, matar pulau, raita, and a dessert of kheer.  Yes, it was a LOT of food for two gals--it could've probably fed an entire family of five.  The waiter came with a sizzling and steaming meat platter and presented all the other dishes one by one, one after the other.  It was like a buffet right at our own table!  The tandoori chicken was excellent and moist; the lamb in the curry was tender and delicious; the (lentil) dal makhani tasted great over rice and naan; and the raita yogurt sauce was very good drizzled over everything. Obviously, we did not finish the feast and bagged the rest to go!
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