Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bub City--A BBQ Whiskey Town

Tonight Lexy and I hit up Bub City, which is a new country barbecue joint that is all the rage in River North. Just as a precaution we set up a reservation, not expecting it to be necessary on a weeknight; we were glad we did since the place was packed and walk-ins were waiting for a table.  I should have anticipated that because I've walked past Bub City during my lunch hour and the place has always been boisterous and full.
The decor had an Americana/honky tonk/saloon vibe with a wall of whiskey (over two hundred kinds are available at a given time) and an American flag made of beer cans.  Oh, and if you're a woman, you get quite a surprise when you walk into the restroom--it's worth a visit.
Lexy ordered the Stone Fence (a bourbon cocktail with lemon and apple cider) to go with her niman ranch 12 hr. beef brisket, which was grass-fed.  She was happy with both choices and even said that the tender brisket was the best brisket she's had in Chicago.  Although this is a BBQ joint, the lobster roll was calling out my name.  I only had a lobster roll once at New England Seafood Company on Lincoln.  I remembered it was warm, buttery deliciousness that melted in my mouth in two bites.  Perhaps that set an insurmountable standard because the lobster roll at Bub City was quite different.  The bread was firmer, and the shrimp-like lobster tails inside were intentionally cold and a little tough.  It definitely took more than two bites to get through its chewiness.  There was no warm, melting-in-mouth experience this time.  It was buttery, though!
For dessert we split their homemade salted caramel ice cream.  We weren't that impressed.  Perhaps a little too much air was mixed into the cream, because the top layer was a little icy.

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