Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Relaxed Dinner at Sable

Last night Lexy, Arani, Gayle, Ellis and I met up for a quiet dinner at Sable Kitchen & Bar, a sophisticated gastro-lounge located in Hotel Palomar.  We ordered the fried lacinato kale chips, veal meatballs, pan seared scallops, rainbow salad, and the roasted beet salad (which had indulgent meatball-like pistachio crusted goat cheese).  We weren't quite the fans of the kale chips, which were oily and paper thin.  However, we all thought that the rainbow salad was delicious--just look at the pretty presentation!  Good wine, good conversation, and a good ambience made the experience all the better.
Sable is a classy establishment with professional and superb service.  Arani said that she would feel comfortable enough to go to the bar and enjoy a quiet drink by herself.  It's a little hard to find a place in the city where we ladies can do that.
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