Monday, August 19, 2013

Te Milk Tea House Review

Te Milk Tea House opened this past August 8, in Lincoln Park.  I was so excited to try it, since I don't really know of other legitimate bubble tea places besides a couple in Chinatown.  (I don't really trust the bubble tea offered at Chinese or Thai take-out joints.)  Te aims to be authentic and stay close to Hong Kong style tea. Gourmet tea, coffee by Kaldi, milk tea, and fruit tea are offered.  I tried an iced Cabernet Whispers gourmet tea, a blend of cabernet-infused white tea with rose and jasmine.  It was refreshing, smooth, and definitely had jasmine notes.  I also tried the black sesame milk tea with tapioca and coffee jelly as "sinkers."  (Aloe, mixed fruit, and nata de coco are suggested as sinkers for fruit tea.)  Although I was a bit disappointed to learn that they don't prepare icy, smoothie-type bubble tea, the milky bubble tea I had was excellent and not too sweet.

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