Saturday, July 6, 2013

En Hakkore Review

Today was another culinary adventure for Flo and me.  We had lunch at the fairly new En Hakkore, a Korean fusion dive located in the Wicker Park/Bucktown area.  The inside decor was quaint and eclectic, with bundles of books jutting out of the brick walls, teacups and plates displayed on a panel, and wooden chairs refurbished with metal backings.  Flo order the bi bim bap, with black rice, which was artistically prepared and presented.  It was good and fresh.  I ordered the good-sized Paratha tacos, which were hands down, the best Korean tacos I have had thusfar.  The shell they used reminded me of the Roti bread of Flat-Top Grill, and the flaky Hotteok street pancakes in Korea.  The taco fillings were topped with sesame seeds.  The picture does not do its taste any justice.  You must try it for yourselves!